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CrossFit has a reputation of being intense, which it can be at some boxes. But at CFPH, you will find we focus heavily on building technique and friendships. We welcome all fitness levels and work with each person to help them achieve their personal fitness goals. Classes are a mixture of strength and cardio and each one is different so you will never grow tired of the same routine. What you can expect though is results if you commit to the workouts.


Strength Training

Strength training is instructed busy professional weight lifter, Donnie Kiernan. You will learn how to properly lift those heavy weights. It’s great to see your improvement from the beginning to end of the classes.

Personal Training

Personal training is something that is offered by many people but not all trainers are easy to relate to. Our coaches are great at working with all fitness levels and helping individuals meet their own goals. We see people from all walks of life at our box and we know how to get results. We will help you determine the best amount of weight you should be using and how to correct your Form to avoid injuries.

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